EFetch installation return code value reference

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Due to different settings on various devices, you may encounter some issues during the installation of the EFetch program, resulting in unsuccessful installation. This document outlines common errors and their corresponding solutions (this document is applicable to Windows only).

Return Code: "0"

Indicates a successful installation!

Return Code: "1"

General error. A general error occurred during the installation process, such as network failure.

The cause of this issue could be a network connectivity problem or an error on the remote server. If you have ensured that your network is working properly, please contact the administrator to check for server errors.

Return Code: "2"

Invalid command-line parameters. The installation program received invalid command-line parameters.

If you encounter this error, please check the source of your installation program and ensure it is the correct one. Currently, EFetch is only available for download on our website and Microsoft Store.

Return Code: "3"

Restart required. The computer needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect after the installation is complete.

In general, EFetch does not require a computer restart after installation.

Return Code: "4"

Installation canceled. The user chose to cancel the installation process.

Normally, EFetch will automatically install with your consent. If the installation is canceled, it may be due to security software interception on your computer.

Return Code: "5"

Access denied. The installation program cannot access the required resource or directory.

This could be because the installation program does not have write permissions in the installation directory.

Return Code: "6"

Invalid installation path. The provided installation path is invalid or inaccessible.

Return Code: "7"

Other applications are running. The installation cannot proceed because other applications are running.

Return Code: "8"

Installation is already in progress. Another installation is already in progress. The user needs to complete the installation before proceeding with this installation. If another installation keeps occupying the process, you can end the installation task through Task Manager and then reinstall.

Return Code: "9"

The disk space is full. The EFetch application is installed on the system disk by default. Please check your system disk space and delete some useless files to free up disk space.